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Exercise is a necessity when living a healthy lifestyle and feeling beautiful from the inside out. Working out helps you become leaner, stronger and overall happier, but sometimes during the workout you feel anything but beautiful in your ratty t-shirt and sweats. Resveralife boutiques are proud to have Koral activewear as one of our lifestyle partners because the Koral activewear line is designed not only for style, but also with function in mind. Integrity and innovation are at the heart of this sportswear label.

Brazilian designer, Ilana Kugel, partnered with fitness industry expert, Peter Koral to incorporate her native design elements into activewear. The result of this partnership is a vibrant, edgy activewear line that pays homage to Rick Owens-type cuts and styling. This combination of luxury designs and stellar styles make traditional sportswear look positively dull and boring. With sophisticated Brazilian influence and Kugel’s intense understanding of function, fabrics and form, Koral was able to propel this line of activewear into the spotlight of fashion. Koral states that their activewear is “deviating from the predictable to conceive unstoppable fashion for unstoppable lives.”

Truly, performance sportswear has never looked so appealing and alluring. Minimalist elements of shape and proportion are tied with beautiful obi sashes and long, sweeping lines of ribbon color blocking. Kimono style layers drape elegantly over sheer panels of leggings and tops. These sheer panels add a discretely sexy edge to your activewear. Koral is not merely a fashion apparel line, they are also the most functional clothing for your busy lifestyle. Koral creates “premium activewear that is driven by fashion, engineered with luxurious fabrics from around the world and designed to push and empower active individuals to live, look and feel their best.” Laser-cut details, feminine strap designs on the back of tops and mesh panels in leggings give Koral activewear a unique and exciting look. Kugel also included a few sensual jumpsuit style items in the line for added variety.

Koral is truly where fashion meets function. The activewear offered by this line is on the cutting-edge of fashion for workout wear, but it does not sacrifice performance or function to do so. Koral exercise clothing has a famous reputation for keeping you dry during your workout. Their activewear also places an emphasis on the ability of the clothing to stretch with you to meet all active aspects of your life. Compression panels, used to improve mobility and increase the delivery of oxygen to your active muscles, are placed strategically to give you maximum support as you move. Koral also uses color absolute technology to keep activewear looking vibrant and rich no matter how many times they are worn. Anti-pilling technology provides resistance to abrasions and odor control helps keep you fresh during, and after, your workout. Koral activewear is also wrinkle free and offers impressive UV protection to help further protect your skin against the sun.

The Koral activewear line stands out and obliterates competition for fashionable, yet functional, workout clothing. Koral clothing “stretches the imagination to stretch across your active life.” Resveralife is thrilled to partner with such a visionary in the field of workout wear. Koral clothing, available at Resveralife boutiques, gives you an extra boost of confidence so you know you look your best, while working to make yourself feel your best. Click here to learn more about, and view, Koral activewear.

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