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Your daily life is non-stop; hectic and chaotic schedules, family and work demands can make it difficult to find time to yourself. Resveralife boutiques seek to fix this problem by providing you with an escape that focuses on your well-being. We are a luxury lifestyle brand that believes everyone should look and feel their best, and we are on a mission to help you do just that. Our boutiques are elegant oases in which you can stop, take a breath and experience an atmosphere that wants to help you be your healthiest, most beautiful self. In order to achieve this Resveralife has partnered with other lifestyle brands that each focus on a specific area of well-being. Exercise plays a large role in looking and feeling your best, though sometimes you don’t feel so glamorous doing it.

Resveralife partners Koral Activewear and La Vie Boheme change the workout experience from dowdy and unfashionable to a high style, engaging process. When you look your best, you have more confidence which can result in trying new forms of exercises or pushing yourself that extra bit. Koral Activewear offers discreetly sexy, cutting-edge sportswear that can take you from workout to the rest of your day in style, function and comfort. La Vie Boheme features uniquely beautiful yoga mats, apparel and accessories that enhance pleasure while practicing yoga. The yoga mats offered by La Vie Boheme are inspired by the travels of the company’s co-founders and highlight prints, patterns and celebrate other cultures. Browse our selection of activewear and yoga accessories to ensure you begin your workout feeling beautiful and confident.

We know it’s not always possible to take a yoga break in the middle of a hectic day, so we offer other options that help restore your health and well-being while being more practical for locations such as the office. Our lifestyle partners include 21 Drops, VOLUSPA and Art of Tea to provide you with health and wellness wherever your day takes you.

21 Drops is a leader in modern aromatherapy and creates unique blends of essential oils that are all targeted towards a specific concern or ailment. Aromatherapy can enhance productivity, reduce stress, inspire creativity or treat illnesses. The fun and unique packaging are part of what make these an incredible way to boost your health; they come in airtight, leak-free glass bottles with a roller ball top so you can throw them in your bag without worrying about spills or leaks. The Resveralife Aromatherapy Bar is an excellent way to locate essential oils that will be most beneficial for you.

VOLUSPA candles are unparalleled in terms of quality and elegance. The candles that VOLUSPA offers are aesthetically gorgeous, clean burning and provide a glowing luminescence to your environment. The proprietary blend of coconut, apricot and soy waxes result in a creamy, white candle that gives incredible fragrance throw. Art of Tea blends are hand-crafted using a 5,000 year old traditional process. The different blends of tea offer distinguished tastes that can invigorate or calm you based upon your needs. Enjoy a taste of the sophisticated Art of Tea blends while you browse all of the products in Resveralife boutiques.

Resveralife is passionate about aiding you and providing you with opportunities to live your healthiest life. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel like their healthiest, most beautiful selves. Our luxurious boutiques are not only shopping destinations, they are an experience that engages and enhances you. Resveralife boutiques are interactive experiences that invite customers to stop and take a moment to invest in feeling and looking like their most beautiful, healthiest selves. We hope to see you soon at one of our boutiques soon!

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