TED is a not for profit organization with the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading.” This slogan is the driving idea behind the annual conferences which TED has been organizing since 1990. Biochemist and Harvard Professor David Sinclair believes that aging is a disease that can eventually be treated. At TEDMED, Professor Sinclair discusses the identification of genes that control aging and other aspects of health –longevity genes. Professor Sinclair zeroed in on one type of longevity gene known as Sirtuins. Through his research, Professor Sinclair found that feeding simple organisms and mice Resveratrol activated their longevity genes, causing them to live longer.


Dr. Sinclair believes that aging is a disease which can be treated. If you think about aging as a disease you can work toward curing it. Aging is thought of as something natural – it happens and people deal with it. But Dr. Sinclair challenges people to think about aging differently. Longevity genes, which control aging, have been isolated by scientists.Breakthrough antioxidant Resveratrol has numerous benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. Known as the “miracle” molecule, Resveratrol protects the heart, is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, is good for weight loss, and extends life. “They’re thinking that Resveratrol is the most amazing breakthrough in health science since the discovery of antibiotics.”

Learn about the red wine ingredient that’s been all over the headlines. In this video, Dr. David Friedman discusses the “French Paradox” and how the ingredient in red wine grapes are responsible for a number of health benefits. In laboratory studies, Resveratrol has been shown to have anti-aging, antioxidant, and anticoagulant properties. 

60 Minutes revisits the concept of the “French Paradox”. Red wine ingredient, Resveratrol has been studied by many medical researchers and cutting edge biotech companies as it is shows great potential for slowing or even reversing aging. This breakthrough means that it may be possible to extend life with drugs. Caloric restriction has also been proven to active the survival gene, reducing heart disease and other diseases of related to aging.

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