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Resveralife Reports: Studies Find that Teens Need More Time With Parents

We’re all guilty of it: as parents, life is hectic, busy, and downright overwhelming at times. In this day and age, it can be difficult to find time to take a bathroom break let alone set aside time for ourselves. Many of us have a difficult time managing the small amount of time we are given in the day, fitting everything in that needs to be done. Often times, we tend to overlook things that should be more important to us – family.

Studies have shown that not only do young children need time with their parents, but teens do, too. Now more than ever before, teenagers are making themselves heard and letting their parents know that they need more time with dear mom and dad. Resveralife wants to offer you some tips and advice on how you can go about implementing more time with your teen, and things you can do together to make that time memorable.

Make Time

Rushing around all day long may leave you frazzled and stressed by day’s end. Work should be left at work, as home and family life should come first and foremost once you walk through the door. Perhaps you have your entire after work schedule booked for a month out with friends, clubs, organizations and personal appointments. Change them. Break dates. Do whatever it is you need to do to ensure you are available for your teen. They deserve your time more than anything and anyone else does, and the only one capable of making time for them is you. Don’t let precious time slip by so you’re left regretting the time not spent in the end. Rather, be sure to set aside a specific time frame that is just for them so they can feel special every single day. Take one day out of the weekend and do something special together as well. Take a bike ride, a walk, or watch a movie. Whatever you do, make it count – life is short, and we only have our children for a short while before they leave home and head off to college, or move away. Embrace the time you can have with them here and now.

Find Common Ground

Find topics you both can relate to, and talk about them. Find out what they’re interested in, and show a genuine interest in the topic. Even if it’s something you know nothing about, show interest. Doing some research on their favorite band or singer or perhaps that particular hobby they have might allow you to appreciate it more how they see it. Find activities you are both interested in, and pursue them together.

Be Non Judgmental

One of the biggest reasons why teens feel as though they can’t talk to their parents is because they are afraid their parents might disapprove of them or what is on their mind. Keep an open mind and let them know you are always available for them to talk to you – no matter the topic, or the time. If they feel the need to wake you up in the middle of the night because they can’t sleep and need advice, get up, make some hot chocolate, sit at the table with them and be there. It can really hurt a teen’s confidence to know they can’t approach their parents about any topic, no matter how big or small. Show them unconditional love – no matter what.

Let Them Know You Love Them

Everyone expresses love in different ways, but teens need to know you love them just as much – if not more – than children. They like to be told you love and care about them. High school can take a toll on a teen’s mentality, and the struggles they are faced with every day, including making good decisions, choosing the right types of friends, and even who they choose to date – all comes down to whether or not they feel loved. For girls, this is a very impressionable time in which they could opt to make the wrong decision based upon their emotional well-being. Much the same for boys, the teen years is where a boy learns to become a man and exhibits signs of how the rest of his life will be. If a teen feels loved, he is more than likely to exhibit that love in healthy ways rather than make bad decisions.

No matter what you have going on in your life, always remember to make time out for your teen. They love getting your advice and spending time with you, even if they might not act like it at times. They’re still children, and they still need their parents. Push life aside and make room for your teen today.

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Resveralife Reviews Resolutions Your Health Experts Want You to Make

Were you among the first ones to break your New Year’s resolutions in the year 2014? Have you ever kept a resolution and enjoyed the delight of actually managing to keep one? Irrespective of which side of the spectrum you fall in, you’re bound to like this list of resolutions that your health experts want you to make this year. Vine Vera hopes that these resolutions will help you to enjoy a fitter and healthier 2015.

Splurge on something wonderful using the money you saved from quitting smoking

Anyone who has recently quit smoking or plans to quit smoking should splurge the money saved by gifting themselves something wonderful. Smoking causes all sorts of damage to the body and the skin and it also leads to issues like cancer. If there is one resolution that you should make, it should be to stop smoking. However, quitting smoking has been never likely to stand as a resolution. So you need to find a reason that is good enough to make you quit smoking fast. For some extra motivation, you can always decide on the item that you wish to splurge on beforehand.

Eating more of the right food

Eating more is an extremely popular resolution among so many people. For example, many people resolve to eat more probiotic food in order to cut down on the cravings. There are those who also crave to add some more guilty pleasures into their diets. Ultimately, the right resolution this year would be to eat more of the right food. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating those delicious meats or exquisite desserts, it simply means that you need to reduce their intensity. 

Taking steps to actually lose weight

Instead of contemplating what to do in order to lose weight, you actually need to start focusing on losing weight by taking the right steps. Little things like taking 200 extra steps on a daily basis can make a world of difference. Try to schedule breaks for strolling or walk to your coworker’s desk to deliver a message instead of sending an email. Remember, the secret isn’t in dedicating 30 minutes each day to exercise. The secret to losing weight is to become more active. Your ultimate goal should always be on achieving a healthier lifestyle, not losing weight. As your lifestyle becomes healthier, weight loss is bound to happen. 

Regulate your sleeping pattern

It makes sense to sleep earlier than usual in order to enjoy 8 hours of sleep every night. If 8 hours of sleep is simply not possible, just try and go to sleep 15 minutes earlier than usual and keep shifting the time month by month. So instead of going to bed at 10 while your body is used to sleeping at midnight, it makes sense to reduce it by 15 minutes at a go. If you keep doing this every month, eventually you should be able to go to sleep by 10. 

De-clutter your mind

If you suffer from a lot of stress, this tip is particularly important for you. Instead of trying to be more organized in the year 2015, try to do different things like meditating once every day. When you’re depressed, stressed or anxious, your mind often ends up getting cluttered. Meditation shall help you to de-clutter your mind, thereby releasing your stress and anxiety. In fact, a study conducted that was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal actually showed that 30 minutes of meditation on a daily basis actually helped to reduce anxiety and depression within 8 weeks.  

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Resveralife Wine Lovers Gift Guide

The holidays are the time of the year when we celebrate the year gone by with our families and friends and look forward to the New Year. These last few days can be a lot of fun and wine is something that helps to ensure that you make the most of all the fun and excitement. Since holiday gifts are integral to the holiday season, you would want to check out a few ideas on what to gift wine lovers. This Vine Vera Gift Guide for wine lovers helps you to choose the right wines and wine accessories for the wine enthusiast in your family.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Coravin – Coravin is the way to splurge when purchasing something for wine lovers. Coravin is considered to be the ultimate wine that you can offer as a gift to a wine lover, particularly someone who really appreciates wine. The bottle has a unique wine pouring system that allows you to pour the right amount of wine while the rest of the bottle can be preserved to be used the next day, next week, next month or the next holiday season. Any wine lover would really be thrilled to receive a bottle of Coravin this year. Cost – $299.

TRIbella – TRIbella is a brand new wine aerator that has recently hit the market. Created by a Portland inventor, this aerator is the ideal one to pour into a perfectly shaped glass in order to reveal the truest flavor of the wine. The best part is that it is easy to transport and it doesn’t end up taking up too much space in your luggage either. Cost – $40.

Coravin Wine Opener – The Coravin Wine Opener is an ideal accessory to gift to wine lovers this year. If you’re looking to enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir that no one else wants to have, all you need to do is inject the needle into the cork and extract a glass of wine for yourself, without having to remove the cork at all. The needle easily penetrates the cork to extract your wine while the argon gas helps to pressurize the bottle in order to ensure that you only have to draw out as much wine as you need. Once the needle is removed, the cork reseals itself and allows you to preserve the bottle for later. Cost – $299.

Capabunga – The Capabunga is a wine cap that can be placed on a bottle of open wine to preserve it for later. The best thing about the cap is that it allows you to store the bottle on its side, without having to worry about any spillage. This cap fits all bottles and also has dozens of options to allow you to personalize your gifts. Cost – $18 for four.

World Atlas of Wine – Currently in its 7th edition, this gorgeous encyclopedia showcases the different wine regions in the world. There is plenty of new material in the latest edition and the cartography is extremely vivid and highly detailed as well. Cost – $55.

Wine Holder from Alessi – Alessi’s Noe Wine Holder is a beautiful wine holder that has been shaped to resemble a cluster of grapes. An ideal addition to any decor and a perfect gift to give to the wine lover in your family. Cost – $90.

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Resveralife Examines the Relationship Between Gratitude and Your Health

Irrespective of how you are planning to spend Thanksgiving this year or who you plan to spend it with, make sure that you celebrate the festival the way it is meant to be celebrated. Thanksgiving is a day to spend some quality time with your loved ones and celebrate your victories of the past year. It is a day to show that you love someone and a day when you express your feelings with gratitude. And gratitude doesn’t just make you a nicer person. It also helps you to look better and live for a longer period of time.

Recent studies conducted to determine the effects of adding gratitude to one’s everyday life have shown that practicing gratitude and saying thanks regularly can help a person to become healthier, calmer, happier and peaceful. Moreover, people who are nice on the inside are also perceived to be more beautiful on the outside.

So what is it that makes being grateful so special? Vine Vera came across a number of theories which state that people who are grateful are more than likely to recognize their core values and prioritize their goals in the correct order. Moreover, these values also help them to take care of themselves as well as their loved ones. In other words, if one practices gratitude on a daily basis, he/ she is more likely to eat better, exercise better, get professional treatments and engage in better protective health behaviors.

Being grateful and practicing gratitude doesn’t need to be very hard and it doesn’t require a major lifestyle change either. Resveralife examines the four simple steps that you can add to your everyday lives in order to start enjoying the health benefits that gratitude has to offer.

Focus on positive things

Life has always been challenging and it always will be challenging. What really matters is how you approach the challenges thrown at you. Gratitude has often been defined as the attitude of a person towards the external and internal world. Thus, those who are more aware of the positive things in their lives, both inside and out, are more than likely to focus their attention on things besides themselves, thereby managing to lead a better and more fulfilling life.

Learn to appreciate what you have

Irrespective of which spectrum of the society we belong to, we often end up looking at others and hoping of having or doing things that they seem to be having or doing. However, most of us don’t bother to remember that there are people who dream of doing and enjoying the same things that we have the privilege of enjoying. There are very few people in the modern world who know how to value and appreciate what they have. It is important to understand that what a person has cannot be calculated only in terms of his/ her material possessions. It also includes the people, the person’s health and the person’s talent. Ultimately, it’s not about what you have or don’t have. It’s about what you feel about what you have.

Try to reframe those challenging situations

Problems are a part and parcel of our life. No one can enjoy a problem-free life. Every person is bound to face some kind of problem or the other at some point of time or the other. As difficult as your problems might seem to be, you need to understand that they won’t always be the same. There will be times when you have problems and there will be times when the going is smooth. After all, that’s the beauty of life. That’s what makes you who you are and defines you as an individual. What you need to understand is that you cannot change people around you or your situations. What you can change is your attitude and how you perceive your problems.

Remind yourself of the reasons for being grateful

Try to appreciate and value the things that you already have. In the midst of our everyday life, it is often easy to forget about the reasons we have to be grateful. Try to think about a few things you have to be grateful before going to sleep. Reflect on your gratitude journal and figure out all you have to be thankful for. It won’t just help you become happy, it will make you a better person as well.

Resveralife Botanical Hand Balm

Skincare – Moisturizers and Protection from the Sun

Do I need a moisturizer if I have oily skin?

You need to apply moisturizers irrespective of your type of skin. However, the type of moisturizer that you use needs to be different. As funny as it might sound, dehydrating the skin will only lead to an increased production of oil. Look for water based moisturizers and try to stay away from the oil based ones. Ideally, you should choose a moisturizer that also offers you with broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30.


Why do I need different moisturizers during the day and night?

The main goal of moisturizers is of course, to moisturize your skin. But moisturizers have come a long way since they were created and many now offer a wide range of benefits including protecting your skin from environmental stressors, providing sun protection and offering anti-aging benefits. The daytime requires you to concentrate on protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun without compromising on moisturizing your skin. Therefore, you need a moisturizer that offers you the broad spectrum sun protection of SPF 30. Because it is strongly advised that SPF be worn all day, a day time moisturizer containing sunscreen is a great choice. It will protect you skin from the harmful rays of the sun while making your morning routine easier.

On the other hand, the nighttime is the time to treat your body and allow it to repair itself. This is the time when ingredients penetrate the most into your skin without the risk of being damaged by environmental factors. You need to use moisture locking cream at night to give your skin extra protection. Night cream is also a great time to use moisturizers which offer other benefits like anti-aging and skin lightening. Not only may some of these moisturizers make your skin more sensitive to the sun, but they are more effective during our body’s repair cycle, making them best suited for night use.


What are the main differences between chemical and physical sunblocks?

Chemical sunblocks contain ingredients that absorb the harmful UV rays of the sun. This process usually takes place in the skin where the chemical sunblock interacts with the harmful rays of the sun and transforms them into heat. On the other hand, a physical sunblock acts as a shield that prevents the UV rays from penetrating your skin. The sunscreen is the most common example of a chemical sunblock whereas your sunglasses are the most common examples of a physical sunblock. There are also sunscreens which act as physical sunblocks because their active ingredients sit on top of skin and do not allow sun’s rays to penetrate.


Resveralife Green Tea

Skin Care – All your questions answered

Apart from being the largest and most visible organ of your body, your skin serves two other functions. It helps you to look beautiful and also acts as the first level of defense against exterior elements. The skin is an essential part of your body – it insulates your body, offers it with protection and also provides sensations. Moreover, the skin helps to regulate body temperature as well. It is very important to take care of your skin and protect it from weather extremities using a range of skin care treatments and solutions. This process of taking care of your skin is known as skin care. Men and women around the world have always been confused with the best type of skin care and the ideal skin care routine for their bodies. And it’s not their fault. With thousands of products and therapies to choose from, it is easy to go astray. This weekly Skin Care FAQ section has been entirely dedicated to answering all your problems about skin and skin care. So if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, fire away!

Is there a way to make the pores look smaller?

Even though the size of the pore is usually defined by genetics, they can begin to appear larger because of dead cell, dirt or oil build up. The best way to get rid of these things from the outer layer of your skin is by way of exfoliating. You should ideally be exfoliating your skin 2 – 4 times a week, depending on your type of skin. Using products that contain glycolic acids and/ or salicylic acids usually helps.


Why do I need to take special care of the area around the eyes?

The skin around your eyes is considered to be the thinnest compared to the rest of your body. As a result, it is among the first to show signs of aging. It is important for you to treat the skin around your eyes specially in order to delay these signs of aging. Using eye serums becomes very important once you cross into your thirties. You can also use power ingredients like Retinols or Resveratrol.


How can I take care of my fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are common signs of aging. If you’re suffering from pre-mature aging, there are steps that can be taken to bring back your youthful glow. However, before you proceed, you need to understand that this process will take a lot of time and hard work. Miracle ingredients don’t exist. The best way to take care of fine lines is to improve your sleeping patterns, exercising for at least 30 minutes daily, maintaining a healthy diet, drinking at least 12 glasses of water every day, quitting smoking and reducing your stress levels. You can supplement these practices with skin care treatments and creams that help you with anti-aging. Look for products such as peptides, Resveratrol, Vitamin C and retinol.

Resveralife Facial Exfoliant

Resveratrol as an Antioxidant

Is red wine a decent antioxidant?

Red wine is not an antioxidant in itself. It contains a compound known as Resveratrol which is believed to be one of the best antioxidants in the world. Simply put, red wine acts as an antioxidant vehicle because of the fact that it is sealed and the antioxidants aren’t oxidized before you uncork the bottle. That being said, science has proved that the amount of Resveratrol found in red wine is not likely to lead to any dramatic results. Studies have confirmed that applying Resveratrol topically provides benefits to the skin.

Is the Resveratrol found in dietary sources adequate?

There are a number of food items such as red wine, red grapes, mulberries and peanuts that contain Resveratrol. An Asian plant that goes by the name of Japanese Knotweed is also known to be an excellent source of Resveratrol. However, dietary sources of Resveratrol are not going to be enough because of the simple fact that they don’t act as reliable sources for the compound. According to certain studies, the most effective way of ensuring that Resveratrol works for your body is to apply it topically.

What is the role of an antioxidant?

Antioxidants are molecules that are stable with or without their necessary electrons. On the other hand, free radicals are molecules that become unstable when they lose an electron. The main role of an antioxidant is to donate one of its electrons to the free radical to prevent it from becoming unstable and ensuring that both molecules remain stable within the human body. Unstable free radicals damage the healthy cells by stealing an electron from them. This ultimately leads to aging, diseases and illness. Therefore, antioxidants are nature’s solutions to the free radical problem.

Are there any major risks involved with using Resveratrol?

Resveratrol doesn’t have any toxic reactions, even when it is consumed in large doses. However, it is known to increase the blood circulation and blood flow all throughout the body. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult your physicians before taking Resveratrol in significant quantities. Moreover, people on medications should also consult their physicians before using Resveratrol. Finally, pregnant women and children are advised to stay away from Resveratrol completely.

How much of Resveratrol is required?

As with everything else, too much of Resveratrol can prove to be harmful for your body. You should always consult a physician before taking Resveratrol and seek guidance on the amount of dosage that suits your body. Apart from that, Resveratrol is considered to be extremely safe. In fact, no problems have been reported by people consuming peanuts, cranberries, red wine, red grapes, peanuts or blueberries. And any problems that peanuts or red wine have brought about are completely unrelated to Resveratrol.  However, it is probably wise to stay away from Resveratrol supplements completely since there almost no regulations in place to ensure the quality of these supplements. It is recommended ways to get adequate amounts of Resveratrol are to use Resveratrol based moisturizers and add food items that contain Resveratrol into your daily diet.

What are the side effects of using Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is considered to be extremely safe when consumed by way of foods or topical applications. However, there still isn’t enough information available on the compound to predict the exact way it reacts with each and every body function. There are three conditions when people have been advised to stay away from Resveratrol.

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  2. Hormone sensitive conditions such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine fibroids and uterine cancer.
  3. 2 weeks before or after a scheduled surgery.

Are there different types of Resveratrol?

There are two types of Resveratrol – Trans and Cis. Both are known to be quite powerful, but the magic of Resveratrol usually happens with the Trans type only. That being said, the Cis type is still known to be a powerful antioxidant, with the only exception that it does not influence the SIRT-1 gene.

Resveralife Green Tea

Resveratrol – All Your Questions Answered

Resveratrol – All Your Questions Answered

Resveratrol, a compound that is commonly found in red wine and in the skin of red grapes, is considered to be highly beneficial for the human body. It has emerged as the champion of the skin care industry because of its diverse benefits. As a result, it is found in all sorts of skin care creams and products. According to recent studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School, Resveratrol helps to activate the SIRT-1 gene which helps to prolong life. Most Resveratrol supplements are derived from Japanese Knotweed or red grapes. Other sources of Resveratrol include red wine, berries and nuts. We have been bombarded with questions pertaining to Resveratrol, its uses and its effects. To help you clear all your doubts about this wondrous compound, we have come up with this weekly Resveratrol FAQ Section where all your questions about Resveratrol are answered.

Why not just drink red wine for Resveratrol?

The effects of Resveratrol are considered to be dose related. Red wine might be a source of Resveratrol, but it does not contain a significant amount of the compound to bring about any noticeable changes. Moreover, the concentration varies tremendously from one wine to the other. As a result, it can be a very unreliable source of Resveratrol. According to a study conducted by David Sinclair, you would require about 100 glasses of red wine to get the wondrous benefits offered by Resveratrol and this is likely to cause you more harm than good.

What does Resveratrol exactly do?

Resveratrol helps in preventing age related deterioration. According to studies that have been performed on lab mice, Resveratrol is known to have a number of benefits such as preventing certain types of cancer, increasing bone health, aiding in weight loss, improving the collagen and elastin production ratio, preventing Type 2 diabetes and preventing heart diseases. Resveratrol is also known to be a powerful antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Lastly, it helps in keeping blood vessels open and prevents blood clots.

How is Resveratrol metabolized in the body?

Once absorbed in your gut, Resveratrol passes through the liver and gets attached to thesulfate or glucuronate molecules, which help in prolonging its effect. Topical applications of Resveratrol help in preventing degradation and oxidation of Resveratrol into cis-Resveratrol, the inactive version of the compound.

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