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Resveratrol, a compound found in red grapes and red wine, is known to boast a wide range of health and skin care benefits. This potent ingredient is considered to be three times more effective than Vitamin C1 when it comes to its antioxidant capabilities, making it extremely useful at neutralizing the harmful oxidants that speed up the skin aging process.

These powerful antioxidant properties have an impact on so much more than just the skin. Resveratrol has the unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, making it capable of protecting the human brain, as well as the nervous system. This has led to Resveratrol being trialed as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, with the results so far showing great promise.2 Research shows that small doses of digestible Resveratrol have also helped to alter the gene expressions in the heart, brain and skeleton, slowing down age-related deteriorations.3

Recent studies have revealed that Resveratrol stimulates a specific protein, known as sirtuin in the body, which helps to prolong the life of each and every cell.4 Triggering these sirtuins helps the body to enhance its defense systems, fight diseases and prolong the lifespan of its cells. The way in which Resveratrol activates the body’s sirtuins has been compared to the effects that calorie restriction in a person’s diet can have. A study published in the Cell Metabolism Journal has confirmed that oral supplements of Resveratrol could provide obese men with the same benefits that dieting and exercise have to offer.5 That same study also highlighted the way in which Resveratrol is able to reduce blood pressure, while offering several other health benefits at the same time.

Numerous reports have demonstrated the incredible ability that Resveratrol has when it comes to lowering inflammation. Everything from cancer to diabetes to heart disease can be traced back to inflammation in the body, and Resveratrol has so far proved to be successful in aiding to treat these conditions.6

Even though red wine is considered to be an excellent source of Resveratrol, a glass (or even a few glasses) of red wine would not provide you with nearly enough Resveratrol to experience the above benefits.7 Plus, the microbiota in the gut varies significantly between individuals, meaning that digestible Resveratrol may not work as well for some as it does for others.8 This is where topical applications of Resveratrol can be a huge game-changer…

Research shows that topical applications of Resveratrol can be detected in the body for much longer, compared to oral administrations.9 Topical applications tend to be much more bioavailable, making this the way to go when it comes to targeting your skin with this powerful compound.

Although research into the various benefits of Resveratrol are continuously being conducted, the many completed studies so far confirm that Resveratrol could be the key when it comes to slowing down the aging process. Want to stay updated with the latest Resveratrol studies? Keep checking back here, and don’t forget to follow us on social media too!


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