Resveralife Live Well: Revel in the Most Pleasurable Time of Day

You have a lot to do during any given 24 hour period. Pressures like work, making it to the gym, cooking and taking care of kids all add a degree of stress to your day. Additionally, these activities all take up significant amounts of your day. Chances are that by the time you finally collapse at night you are too exhausted to do things for yourself that bring you happiness or stress relief. Fortunately, Resveralife came across a recent study published in the Journal of Personality suggests that simply being present and aware during a specific time of day can increase feelings of relaxation and enjoyment.

Digital clock showing 07.00

The Magic Hour
According to the study, the most fulfilling time of day is 7:00 P.M. What are people doing at this hour that makes them happier at any other time of day? Well, because the activities that bring people happiness differ, so do their activities at 7 P.M. One of the study’s authors, Erica Baranski, explains “It is possible that 7 P.M. is unique over other times of day in that the things that generally make us feel comfortable and happy are present. Maybe all the ingredients that make life pleasurable are present at this time more often than at any other time.”

The study used 5,447 members of college communities in 20 different countries and most of the respondents reported feeling the happiest at 7 P.M. When you think about it, the logic behind Baranski’s statement makes complete sense. By 7:00, most people are done with work which is immediately a bit of a relief. Some people have already prepared and eaten their evening meals while others still have a delicious experience ahead of them. Parents may be spending quality time with children or preparing them for bed. Maybe you’re looking forward to an evening full of possibilities. Whatever the night holds, at 7 P.M. the majority of people are free to choose what they do with their time, a feeling that is linked to increased levels of happiness.

Woman getting a manicure at a salon.

How to Make 7:00 Your Happy Time
The good news is that making the most of the 7:00 hour really doesn’t require much effort from you. Many of the positive effects of this time in the day are simply from being able to make your own plans and surround yourself with comfort. However, if you want to know how to make the most of your 7:00 ask yourself a few questions. What activities truly bring happiness and peace to you? How can you incorporate more quality and meaning into these activities?

This Resveralife Live Well Guide lists a few options for activities that can make 07.00 PM your happy time.

  • Pampering yourself – Give yourself a manicure/pedicure or head to a local salon if one is open a bit later in the evening. Take a relaxing bath with scented oils for extra luxury. Put on a face mask or a deep conditioning hair treatment.
  • Get social – Head to your favorite bar or restaurant with friends for happy hour. Gather your family for a family game like charades.
  • Take it easy – Prepare an easy, but tasty meal for yourself. Bring up your Netflix queue and indulge in your favorite entertainment.

No matter what activities you choose, take some time to enjoy them at this magical and pleasurable hour of the day.