Reboot Your Workout For Fall

You put on the TV and some see a lady talking about avoiding excess calories this holiday season. She tells you caramel apples have about 500 calories and you’re better off with apple slices and low-fat caramel dip. She says eggnog is 340 calories and cocoa is 190 calories without the whipped cream. She suggests you stick with green tea which is calorie free and rich with antioxidants. She tells you to chew sugarless gum instead of Halloween candy. She tells you to serve yourself only a sliver of pie with light whipped topping and, oh, skip the crust. “Skip the fun,” you think turning off the TV.

Fall is the season of feasting! You don’t have to deny yourself. Eat that extra helping, bring on the whipped cream, you can work it off!

1. Enjoy The Cooler Weather
Todd Durkin, MS, fitness coach, says, “Walking, hiking, and cycling are awesome in fall. ” Take in the fall foliage with some biking or walking. If you live in a place that gets an early snowfall, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe. Take advantage of the empty beaches with some volleyball or frisbee. Kayaking and canoeing are great options if you are near a lake.

2. Catch Up On Your Favorite Shows
If you’re thinking about binge watching several seasons of “Orange Is The New Black” this fall, you may want to incorporate some exercise. Try running or walking in place as you watch, do some lunges or dips off the couch, or lift some weights. Use commercial breaks to do push ups or sit ups.

3. Find Opportunities To Exercise
Park your car a little further from your destination, take the stairs, walk on your lunch break. Go for walking meetings, It will help get your thoughts in order and come up with new ideas. Try downloading some new music on your iPod and walk while you listen.

4. Obey The Thirty Day Rule
Justin Price, owner of a coaching and personal training facility in San Diego, says ,”It takes about four weeks for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes. That’s why people who give up on their fitness programs tend to do so within the first thirty days.” He suggests sticking with a program for a month so you have time to develop behavior patterns that help you adapt.

5. The Three C’s
Chris Freytag, fitness instructor for “Prevention Magazine” believes that the keys to a successful exercise program are a convenience, commitment, and consistency. She believes we must commit ourselves to an exercise schedule, make workouts convenient by choosing a gym near you or exercising at home and be consistent with your routines. She says, “I’d rather see a brand-new client work out for ten minutes a day rather than one hour every month.

6. Don’t Let Early Darkness Stop You
If you want to exercise outdoors in the early morning or evening, don’t let the shorter days get you down. Just take extra precaution by wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight.
Good luck and prepare to chow down!