Resveralife Live Well: Best Pets For Your Family

Some people think that a family isn’t complete until there is at least one furry member. However, depending on the age of your children or where you live, it may be difficult to decide just what pet is right for your family? To help you decide what pet is perfect for your family, Resveralife did a little bit of digging.

Family playing with their pet dog.

You may remember your childhood best friend, the lovable dog that took naps with you and that chased you around the yard. Dogs are really an amazing pet for your whole family. The breed of dog that you choose for your family will largely depend on the ages of your children, your living situation and the personalities in your family. For example, a boxer might not be the best for apartment living, but would be a happy, loyal friend to a family that has some yard space. Small dogs, like a maltese or pomeranian, may be the ideal dog breed for families that are limited on space. Be sure to do research about what your desired dog breed requires and check with shelters or breeders to help ensure that your dog fits seamlessly into your family.

Mother and sun playing with their pet cat.

Cats are mysterious, independent and moody sometimes, but they are also the perfect snugglers on a rainy day or when you aren’t feeling well. Just as with dogs, the cat your family gets will also depend on several factors. Some of these include the age of your children, the space in which you live and what type of breed you and your family think is best for you. Cats may be great for elementary aged children as they teach some responsibility, feeding and taking care of the cat’s litter box, but are largely not as time intensive as dogs.

Pet gerbils

Gerbils are an excellent pet for nearly any living space. In large part, gerbils are very independent and can spend multiple hours entertaining themselves. They love having time to play and unlike hamsters, gerbils are awake for large portions of the day. If you have young kids, toddler or younger, this might not be the greatest pet. Young children may not have developed strong enough fine motor skills to handle the gerbils and gerbils can be scared by sudden movements or sudden loud noises (which happen frequently with young children).

Little girl playing with her pet fish.

Freshwater Fish
Fish are excellent pets for families looking for a relaxing, calm pet. We’ve specified freshwater fish as good for families because they are significantly less time and labor intensive than their saltwater counterparts. Freshwater fish require minimal time commitment beyond proper feeding and care of the tank. Fish come in a nearly endless supply of species, colors and sizes so you are sure to find some that fit what your family is looking for.

Ultimately, you know your family better than anyone else and know what your children will be able to handle. The addition of a pet to the family creates stronger bonds and extra love for the whole family.