Resveralife Examines Studies on Necessary Quantities of Resveratrol for Effectiveness

The latest research might come as a disappointment to all red wine enthusiasts because it shows that the amount of Resveratrol present in red wine is not enough to bring about skin benefits. Resveratrol, believed to be one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants in the world, is commonly found in the skin of red grapes. People have been consuming the ingredient in their diets for years with the hopes of boosting their anti-aging efforts and get younger looks.

Contrary to what was initially believed, this new study shows that the life-extending and disease-fighting benefits cannot be derived by consuming it through food or red wine. This study was conducted on a population of two villages in Chianti, Italy. A total of 783 men and women who were at least 65 years old were made a part of this study. Their Resveratrol intake was studied for a period of 10 years between 1998 – 2009. The results of this study were recently published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal.

Researchers used the subject’s urine and tested them for Resveratol metabolites, instead of asking participants to record their intakes in order to produce effective and accurate results. The study also ensured that less than 1% of its participants took herbal supplements, minerals or vitamins of any kind. Therefore, any increase in the byproducts of Resveratrol could be directly attributed to the food items and drinks consumed.

According to reports, about one-thirds of the participants died during this 9-year study. Furthermore, 4.6% participants developed cancer while 27% of the participants developed cardiovascular diseases. The study revealed no differences in the inflammation, cancer or cardiovascular disease rates, irrespective of whether the participants took Resveratrol or not. Upon first glance, it might come across as a major disappointment for all Resveratrol enthusiasts because the study actually shows that the Resveatrol in the food does not offer any visible benefits to the human body.

However, this was something that was already suspected by experts. The body needs a lot more Resveratrol than what can be consumed through food and red wine in order to produce noticeable changes, reduce inflammation and allow a person to live for longer. According to Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard University researcher, the amounts of Resveratrol obtained through the diets of humans is actually negligible. Thus, the only way to derive the wonderful benefits that Resveratrol has to offer is to consume it in higher  doses.

This is where an earlier study that we mentioned about proves to be so useful. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why the skin care industry has been showering so much attention on Resveratrol. According to a study that we have already discussed about, topical applications of Resveratrol have proven to be more effective than ingesting it orally. One of the main reasons for this result was that it is possible to include increased amounts of Resveratrol by way of topical applications, thereby allowing the body to enjoy the right amount of Resveratrol that it needs in order to take the most out of the ingredient.

There is no doubt that Resveratrol is still one of the most exciting compounds to have been discovered by mankind. However, we need to be patient and wait for science to understand more about its basic biology and uncover the best possible ways and means of using it. Until then, topical applications of Resveratrol seems to be the best way of deriving benefits from this magical ingredient.